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When it comes to natural beauty it's hard to beat the look of a real hardwood floor. Simply stated, few things can enhance the quality of a living space the way a hardwood floor can. Like a fine piece of furniture, wood flooring increases in value and becomes more beautiful with time. It adds warmth, luster, and charm to a home, whether in a bedroom, a dining room, a living room, or a kitchen. And it's much more economical than one might imagine. Because of the outstanding insulating properties of wood, it can help keep a room warmer in the wintertime and cooler in the summer, thereby saving the homeowner on energy bills over the long term.

When choosing hardwood, the color, character, and construction type are the important factors to consider.

Color:  The color of hardwood floors ranges from quite light to intensely dark—and everything in between. While, as a rule, lighter floors work well in contemporary settings and darker floors are elegantly at home in more traditional rooms, choosing is essentially a matter of preference.

Character:  Naturally present in hardwood, grain variations help determine a wood’s “personality.” Dramatic grain suggests a rustic feeling. Historically, moderate grain variations are associated with the traditional look and hardwood with very little graining has a sleek, contemporary look. 

Construction:  There are two basic choices—solid or engineered. Solid planks are created from a single piece of wood and make a handsome floor that lasts for years. Engineered planks are made from several layers of wood (with a core of plywood or HDF) and are designed to withstand higher levels of humidity. This means they can go in some rooms solid floors can’t.

Additionally, there are many differences in finishes available; gloss or luster level, hand scraping and distressed technique, wire-brushing, etc. Our sales staff can show you samples of each.

Livingston's carries top quality hardwood flooring brands offering a wide variety of species, widths and stains. From the classic North American hardwoods (red oak, white oak, maple, birch) to the exotic wood species from around the world (jatoba, tauari, bamboo, cork) we can help you select the right wood floor for your decor and lifestyle.

When you visit our showroom you will be able to choose from 3/4" solids, engineered and long strip wood floors that can be used in almost any area of the home. The state-of-the-art technology and almost limitless choices of today's stains, finishes, styles and designs make wood flooring one of the most practical, easy-care and versatile floor coverings today. Maintained properly, wood flooring should never have to be replaced.

Reliable service and expert installation is a trademark of Livingston Carpets.

In our showroom you will find exceptional hardwood flooring from:

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Visit Our Mississauga Hardwood Flooring Showroom

We are always willing to help and by visiting our Mississauga showroom we can walk you through all the flooring options you are considering and are more then happy to answer any questions you may have. Once you see our vast selection of flooring and experience our great and knowledgeable service you will realize Livingston Carpets and Flooring is the only place to buy hardwood flooring in the Toronto area!



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