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Area rugs are one of the most marvelous home decor elements ever created. What other furnishing provides warmth for a cold floor, gives a certain mood to a room, or even act as an art object?

They can be a less expensive approach to alter the appearance of a room without changing the entire floor. The great thing about area rugs is the availability in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and patterns to allow you to express yourself in whatever way you desire.

As if these benefits weren't enough, area rugs are one of the wisest investments in home decor you can make in these turbulent economic times. The right area rug imparts a new character to a room without requiring a complete makeover. With all the sizes, colors and design options available, there's an area rug available for any style at any price.

Here are some of the top tips for choosing an area rug:

  1. Selecting the Area. Choose a room for the area rug and carefully measure that area. Don't make the common mistake of choosing a rug that's too small for the room. In most rooms, calculate a border of 18 to 36 inches around the rug's edge. Take note of the approximate size of the furnishings in your room, as your area rug should match in size. Decide whether you'd like to have your furniture completely on or off the area rug. For a dining room rug, add four feet to the width and length of your dining table, and continue adding until reach the recommended border range.To accent furnishings, leave some floor space between the furniture and the area rug.

  2. Select Shape. Area rugs come in a wide variety of shapes: oval, circular, square, rectangular. Shape makes a big difference on whether or not it will be pleasing to the eye. In a living room where an area rug is typically used to anchor the seating area, rectangular and oval shapes will be the best choice for most situations. The sitting area will typically include a couch and loveseat, and/or side chairs gathered around the area rug. To keep the grouping of furniture in scale with the area rug, the area rug should be large enough to accommodate the entire coffee table or ottoman and it should extend the entire width and length of the couch. You can either have your seating pieces surround the edges of the rug, you can let the front feet of each piece of furniture sit on the rug, or you can choose a rug large enough to completely contain all the feet of your furniture.

  3. Think color. Rugs don't have to mirror the colors in furniture, upholstery or window treatments. Instead they can complement those colors. Remember that rugs in lighter colors will make rooms seem larger, while rugs in deeper colors make a room feel more cozy.

  4. Runners. Runners are great ways to fill up narrower spaces that need a splash of color or character. Fit a hall runner so that it's within four inches of the hall's width. Keep the length within 18 to 24 inches of the hall's length.

  5. Selecting Pattern. For a room with few colors, use a busier pattern on your rug to liven up the environment. For a room with a lot of furnishings and colors, better to stick with a more simple pattern so as to not add too much chaos to your decor.

  6. Select Rug Material. Rugs with a good combination of density and fiber will wear best. Rugs with closer tufting or stitches will last longer. Wool is highly resilient and resists dust mites which are helpful for those with allergies. Cotton has great feel under the feet, but often is less resilient than wool. Nylon resists stains and has excellent strength and often cost less than those made out of natural materials. Acrylic is also resistant to stains, but these are mostly used for bath mats and rugs.

  7. Match with Decor. Take notice of the decor around your area rug. Some of the colors should match with the area rug you decide on. When shopping for area rugs, have a color sample from your home decor by your side as a reference. Lighter colors give the feeling of spaciousness, while darker colors create a cozier mood.

  8. Get the Right Accessories. Good padding is essential. It will reduce rug wear, will keep rugs from slipping on hardwood floors and often provide a more cushioned feel to the rug. They also protect the grain on hardwood floors and make vacuuming easier. A vacuum is essential to keep your rug clean and free from dust. Chemical spot cleaners are essential for those inevitable accidents that may come your way.


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